-We are proud to employ highly experienced and qualified travel professionals. Our pledge is to provide your company with only our best and most accomplished professionals to serve your account.


Our travel agents are well trained and highly experienced, with a company average of 20 years industry experience. But we know that experience isn’t the only thing that’s important. Your employees will find our agents to be extremely friendly and helpful, and they will quickly get to know one another by name. Our agents also make booking simple and fast, so your employees spend a minimal amount of time dealing with their travel.

Additionally, Traveler’s Service has been able to develop preferred vendor status with many different airlines, hotels and car rental companies. This frequently allows us to meet special requests and needs our clients may have.


Customized Reporting:
Traveler’s Service is pleased to offer iBank Travel Management as our primary reporting package. iBank is a web-based management reporting service designed to address the needs of corporations seeking to better manage travel spending.

Travel data is downloaded daily from Traveler’s Service’s back-office accounting system to the iBank server. Once the data is received by the server the information is loaded into your company database and is immediately available to you upon request. Traveler’s Service will also provide you with any specialized ad hoc reports per your request at any time.

Account Management:
Our Account Managers are familiar with all aspects of our clients’ travel policies and work within the parameters of such policies. Deviations from policy are recorded and reported to your company’s management in monthly MIS reports, and we also provide optional pre-trip audit reporting which is emailed to the trip coordinator prior to ticketing.


Traveler’s Service offers global toll-free assistance through our 24-hour Emergency Service. This is not an “answering service” but rather a true customer service department staffed by US and Canadian based, experienced travel agents (average experience level of 12 years). They have immediate access to each client’s profile and itinerary whether it was booked through an agent, via email, or through our online tool.


Please click here to fill out our Traveler Profile Form. In order to make your travel bookings as quick and easy as possible, we have all new business travelers fill out our Traveler Profile Form. This secure form only needs to be filled out once.


You will be amazed at just how inexpensive travel can actually be. Here are just a few of the ways in which we will save you money:

Air Savings:

  • Airline Soft Dollar Program
  • Unused ticket tracking / re-issuance, Group Fares

Hotel and Rental Car Savings:

  • Discounted Rate Program at over 65,000 hotels worldwide
  • Client-specific negotiated rates
  • Discount car rental programs

Account Management Services:

  • Regular in-person meetings
  • Analysis run and presented on ways we have found that your company can maximize savings
  • Over 90 customized reports available to you 24/7 upon request
  • Specialized ad hoc reports available upon request
  • We never charge a fee for any of our extensive Account Management services.

We Negotiate
Whether it’s finding and negotiating the lowest price on a group airfare rate, driving down the nightly cost at your company’s most commonly used hotels, or access to discounts at most major car rental discounts. Why take time away from your business and employees when you can give us a call? Traveler’s Service has you covered.


Traveler’s Service will keep track of unused tickets and reissue whenever possible.

  • All unused tickets are stored with the given traveler’s profile
  • Unused tickets are identified upfront at the point of a new reservation
  • Agent is alerted (if reserved over the phone) or traveler is alerted (if reserved through online tool)



"Our experience with Alan and Traveler's Service, now for more than 30 years, is simply great, reliable, responsive and unbeatable. I would recommend the firm to anybody needing an honest and responsive travel agent."

- Paul Rizzo, President/CEO of Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.


"For over 25 years American Textile Company has utilized the services of Traveler's Service. Throughout that time we have been pleased with the personal level of involvement with our company. As the number of travelers increased and the complexity of the travel industry changed, many of our long-term Associates at Traveler's provided the appropriate professional level of service we needed. We especially appreciated the personal attention needed when travel plans change halfway through a several day business trip. Traveler's has always provided a great value to our company."

- Jack Ouellette, CEO of American Textile


"Traveler’s Service is a diamond in the rough!! We have been very pleased with the service we have received from them in the past 4 years. We have many, many travelers with extensive daily travel needs, and the past agencies we have utilized have not been able to service our needs as quickly and efficiently while keeping our costs down. We have found Traveler’s Service to be both highly efficient and attentive to details for cost savings. I highly recommend their highly qualified professional staff to handle your travel needs."

- Michele H., Executive Administrator